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Leasing software Homeoffice ready

 Our software works from every computer! 

During Covid-19, working in the office was made almost impossible. Leasing companies in particular that didn’t use the advantages of web-based software services have experienced how complicated it can be to do business operations from the home office. Through SaaS, our Leasone and Refione we were able to get through this time without losses and are thus also well prepared for the future. Since with a web-based leasing software it is redundant whether you work in the office, in the home office, in the cafe or on the train. A browser of your choice is sufficient. 

 The possibility of using our software on numerous end devices such as PC, laptop, tablet (iPad, etc.) makes efficient work possible anywhere.

Our Products:


Leasone is our cloud-based leasing software for small and medium-sized leasing companies that need an easy-to-use, intuitive and reliable software solution.

The software covers all essential areas of a full version of ERP leasing :

  • POS (point of sale), digital offer and application route
  • Qualified preparation of offer in the back office
  • Application processing with rating and automatic credit decision
  • Contract management for leasing and lease contracts
  • Management of refinancing
  • All existing movement data, side accounts, investment accounts and control accounts are managed in Leasone. Optionally, the stem and movement data is transferred to a bookkeeping programs (SAP, DATEV, etc.) for evaluations and reports via an interface.

The use of the software is without exception via a browser and can be operated “on Premise” or in our cloud as “SaaS” (Software As A Service) according to KWG 25a. In the second case, we take care of the complete technical company. All you need is an internet connection to our cloud on the PC, laptop or tablet.

Payment is done via subscription model, so you’re not buying a license but renting the software in the “carefree package”.


Refione is our standard product for the refinancing industry, which can be operated either in one of our data centers or in the company’s own data center or connected data centers.

The software covers the following areas of a funding bank:

  • Refi portal for use by the leasing companies
  • Refi application route with automatic refinancing decision
  • Mirror files in comparison with the leasing companies
  • Extensive financing account management in individual and package financing
  • Control and controlling of the leasing industry
  • All common types of financing with detailed information for forfaitation, annuity loans, repayment loans or roll-over financing are managed and made available for banking processes. Core banking systems can be connected bidirectionally via API interfaces.

The use of the software is carried out without exception via web browser-the software has been fundamentally new since 2002.  As a pure browser-based software-but in close cooperation with the specialist departments and the revision requirements.

Who is our target group?

For the selection of leasing software (leasone) you are at the right place for us as a provider of leasing software:

  • As a small or medium leasing company
  • Looking for an easy -to -use software – but still extensive leasing solution – in the cloud
  • If you want to pursue your business without carefree and uncomplicated
  • If you are looking for leasing software for bikeleasing
  • If you belong to the large leasing companies or operate banking business (e.g. car banks) we accompany you to our sister company, which goes far beyond the standard and offers individual solutions.


In search of refinancing software for the leasing industry:

  • as a refinancing bank or a refinancing institute that works at Sparkassen, VR banking or state banking level
  • If you want to use the digital automatisms of a modern software solution
  • If you want to use the mature mechanisms to communicate and interact with the leasing companies efficiently and slim

With Refione, we have the best solution for you to digitally manage and control your portfolio.

Services & Performance

Service and performance are our top priority. Since we offer standard software for leasing, contact does not end with Golive. We’ll usher you throughout the whole contract duration by regularly exchanging information, innovations and assistance.

You will receive one of our key account managers who’ll support you with all the routines and changes. In our SaaS (Software as a Service) concept you need nothing to take care of, except for your business. We’ll provide the complete technical process according to various bookable performance levels.

When introducing the software, we use  the so-called “GAP” workshops to determine, document, the special features or deviations to the already very sophisticated standard and to project special adjustments. If there are no program-specific changes, you will receive our detailed training program (via an online training). Here you can easily get to know the respective areas of the software and we will discuss the parameterization together. These take place usually for:

  • Condition settings
  • Rule systems in the area of ​​credit decision/refinancing
  • Bookkeeping settings (account plan, booking scheme)
  • Documents (texts and reports)


Finally, we also take care of how the data from your previous system can best move into our system.

Would you like to learn more?
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