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LeasOne - the perfect leasing software for your business

With LeasOne we offer a cloud-based software for leasing companies. As a standard product, LeasOne is quick to implement and does not usually require a project approach. The degree of coverage for a classic small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is > 80%.

LeasOne covers all needs, from offer to contract, from calculation to final settlement for one or many objects in one contract and for linear or non-linear rates. The standard licence is designed for a number of 20,000 contracts, 20 internal users and 50 B2B users. Of course, higher contract numbers or more users are optionally possible.

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Accelerate your business

LeasOne Features


Offer preparation with calculator for leasing, rental and hire purchase

Point of Sale

Separate portal for dealers, intermediaries and key accounts

Customer management

Extended customer management of addresses, bank details, contact persons, etc.

External credit agencies

PEP check, short, compact or full information from Creditreform, Schufa or Creditsafe

Cash management

Return debits, reminders, open item management, import of digital bank statements

Funding management

Independent of the contract with individual and package financing


Own in-house rating with evaluation of hard facts from the credit agencies and soft facts from the customer relationship

Document management

Document management for all necessary documents

Collateral management

Recording and tracking of collateral for a contract

Framework applications

Management of framework applications for automatic approval with imported mass data

API Connectivity

Various API interfaces to diverse systems

Account activation

Account Activation WorkFlow for all contract types Leasing / Hire Purchase. Activation of additional services (service rates, insurance)

Subledger accounting

Create all sub-ledger entries (debtors, creditors, fixed asset accounts), create all automatic postings and accruals and deferrals

Payment of incoming invoices

Payment of incoming invoices (trader invoices, commissions, additional services) via export file