LeasOne – the perfect solution for SMEs

With LeasOne, we offer a “private-cloud” based product for leasing companies (see also Services/Data Center Operation). This standard product usually does not require a project approach for implementation. The degree of coverage for a classic small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is > 80%.

LeasOne covers all needs, from quotation to contract, from costing to final settlement for one or many objects in one contract and for linear or non-linear rates. The standard license is designed up to 20,000 active contracts, 20 internal and 50 B2B users. Of course, higher contract counts or more users are optional.

Quotation system

  • Offer preparation Calculation at POS (point of sale), e.g., dealers, intermediaries, key accounts
  • All types of calculations for leasing, rental and instalment plan
  • Linear and non-linear calculations
  • Multi-object costing
  • Private customers, commercial customers (registered and unregistered companies)
  • Data interface with Creditreform, CRIF, Schufa, Creditsafe
  • Digital account view / digital budget calculation
  • Integration of digital identification
  • Digital signatures
  • Interaction between B2B and internal services (documents, records)
  • Advanced customer management with any number of addresses, bank details, contact persons and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to track information and activities, complaints, etc.

Offers and contracts

Offers that come in via the B2B portal or via offer management in the back-office. They are processed further in the application section, the data is enriched, information is obtained, a rating is carried out, the refi partner is checked and the credit check is carried out. The contract management covers the pre-activation phase, the activation itself with the disbursements and all standardized fault, change and termination processes.


  • Verification of applications submitted by the B2B or internal quotation system (e.g. IBAN).
  • Enrichment of the data with existing information from contract management
  • Enrichment of data with external information services and credit agencies via interfaces
  • GWG compliance, PEP check, short, compact or full credit reports from Creditreform, CRIF, Schufa or Creditsafe
  • In-house rating with evaluation of hard facts from the credit agencies and soft facts from customer relations.
  • The rating according to various segments (customer, object, contract) with different rating systems (cluster)
  • Integrated funding request and documentation at funding banks, also possible online to specific banks)
  • Document control system for necessary documents
  • Decision automat (green-yellow-red) through the system and decision documentation according to 4-eyes system
  • Evaluation of collateral
  • Management of framework applications for automatic approval in case of imported mass data
  • Various API interfaces to upstream systems


  • Pre-contractual activation phase (missing documents, signatures, calculation changes).
  • Activation process in WorkFlow for all contract types leasing / instalment plan. Activation of additional services (service rates, insurances)
  • Creation of all sub-ledger entries (debtors, creditors, fixed asset accounts), creation of all automatic postings and accruals and deferrals
  • Auto-activation – activation for small-ticket leasing through a mini-workflow
  • Disbursement of all value-dated incoming invoices with payment advice (dealer invoice, commissions, additional services) by file
  • Invoice run as collective invoice / monthly invoice
  • Direct debit collection of all due instalments and other debit-side services on customer, contract or individual level
  • Management of all standardized change and disturbance processes (customer change, object exchange, partial retirement, deferral, etc.)
  • Management of all termination processes (early contract end, contract extension, regular contract end)
  • Cash management (return debits, reminders, open item management, import of digital bank statements)
  • Financing management – independent of the contract with individual and package financings
  • Interfaces to credit agencies, planning systems, data analysers, accounting (SAP, DATEV, etc.), funding banks

And much more

This is only an excerpt of the scope of services of the possible modules in LeasOne. Each module is based on the standard approach, which means that a module is available as a standard component for everyone and can be booked. It only needs to be configured to specific business usages, so the classic SME differs according to the industries in which the company operates and the size of the individual objects, multi-objects (sometimes up to 2,000 objects per contract) is also decisive.

The main areas of quoting, credit checking and contracting are modular, i.e. an existing POS system can be integrated to LeasOne or an existing credit check software can be built in. Other interfaces to existing core systems can also be attached, e.g. a central customer database, an existing merchandise management system or a treasury application.

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