The LeasOne / RefiOne Framework

Both software products (LeasOne and RefiOne) are based on the same framework, i.e. the technology, the database and the user interface have the same roots. This means that data can be exchanged between the two software products, e.g. via our RefiPortal without transformations. All computing processes are identical and are based on a uniform computing core.

The suffix “One” represents this unique technique.

Microservices and modern GUIs provide the basis for flexible application development and the rapid implementation of new and market-oriented requirements for the current digital working world. However, the basis for processing is a classic three-tier structure with a web server for the presentation layer (application as seen by the user), the application server for processing (dialog processing, batch processing, workflow management, print management, interfaces – API). ) and the database server for storing all data. This proven division is optimized for secure and reliable operation in the data center.

MySQL, Oracle and DB2 are currently used as databases.

The backend is programmed in Java, a programming language that has supported stability and reliability as well as innovations and modern development techniques for years. The client uses HTML and JavaScript for fast local display and calculation of data and is therefore always up-to-date and can always be kept up to date with the current development as a progressive web app or in the browser.

Interfaces are connected with SOAP or REST, provided third-party providers can be integrated using these techniques.


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