Our products: LeasOne and RefiOne

Both products are based on a framework that has been continuously developed for 20 years, which was created in 2001, at the time browser-based software was still in its infancy and the Internet was being built. It was the very inception of google and Facebook didn’t even exist. With the constant and further development of the framework and the exchange of new technologies, the software operates with outstanding performance. Both for leasing companies and for funding banks.

Digitization in the past few years has been systematically integrated in both products. A digital contract with digital signature, credit check, KYC examination and identification is possible. The interfaces are predominantly digitized as API and other innovations are integrated quickly and easily.

The Refiportal connects both worlds so that reference questions can be digitally processed to the banks. Any exchange of information between the leasing society and the refinancing bank can take place via the Refiportal.

Scope of services for leasing companies 

 With our standard product Leasons, a leasing company (SME version for small and medium -sized companies) can manage the complete business – from the offer / application to contract management and refinancing. The software offers the possibility to be used as SaaS (Software AS A Service) in the cloud or data center of the Leasing company/Bank.

Extract of the performance content: 

  •  Offer calculation (linear and non-linear), multi-object case, calculation on the POS (trade), interface to trading systems 
  •  Variant calculations 
  •  Application management with the connection of Refibanking, documents examination, digital account view, signature and identification 
  •  Scoring and rating 
  •  Contract management in complete lifecycle (activation, change, fault, extension) 
  •  Leadership of all side books 
  •  Interfaces to external accounts 
  •  Statistics, reports, and much more.

Scope of services for banks 

 With our standard product Refione for banks, a refinancing bank can cope with the complete business – from the reference application via contract administration and financing settings – and, among other things, carry out very strong controlling including haw.




Extract of the performance content:

  • Recording of a refinancing request in the customer portal or by internal clerk 
  •  Recording for loan financing, forfaiting and consortial financing 
  •  Interface single or mass request in the customer portal, mass inquiries to the back office. 
  •  Automatic approval process via guardrail rules or manual examination with workflow 
  •  Digital communication between the customer portal and back office (documents, information, files, documents) 
  •  Self -service services in the customer portal – many more digital options
  • Automatic contract system in the back office when compliance with the regulations 
  •  Competence control system during manual examination 
  •  Financing system in packages with interest and repayment plans 
  •  Consortial financing 
  •  Control of the SEPA files (comparison with shadow stock and reports in the event of deviations) 
  •  Control of the financing current accounts for overdraft 
  •  Various fraud tests (objects, lines, etc.) 
  •  Statistics, reports, interfaces

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